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About Naadi

The starting points of Palm leaf crystal gazing or Naadi soothsaying as most prevalently known, is followed back to Vaitheeswaran Koil, a Hindu sanctuary in Tamil Nadu (India), committed to god Shiva. The Vitheeswaran Koil Naadi Center is not only one of the most seasoned but rather is likewise the most acclaimed crystal gazing focus the world has ever seen. In this way it kept pulling in the consideration of worldwide group for conveying expectations of high accuracy.

The Naadi focus at Vaitheeswaran Koil was initiated and brought into light by A Siva Guru Swamy as the boss naadi crystal gazer.

Naturally introduced to a customary Valluvar group of clerics rehearsing crystal gazing who used to take part in the Pooja or love of Lord Shiva, A Siva Guru Swamy acquired the way to deal with quickly break down the fortunes of the general population.

It begun from Guruji S. Vithyanadan, the considerable granddad and S. V. Vertrivalle, his child who conveyed forecasts in view of Agasthiya Naadi.

Throughout the years, the safeguarding of hallowed palm leaves on which the past, present and future occasions of life have been recorded got extreme and in the long run prompt shortage of the scripts, respected to be the work of Vedic sages. In this way, the father S. V. Arumugam, in spite of the fact that has construct his forecasts initially with respect to Siva Nadi, later started seeking after expectations from Siva Sukshma Naadi.

The predecessors of A Siva Guru Swamy had a place with Meikandanadhar gothra or heredity hailing from Chithambaram close Vaitheeswarankoil of Tamilnadu in India.

Nadi Shashtra Vaitheeswaran Koil Tamilnadu, Nadi Jyothish Vaitheeswaran Koil Tamilnadu

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Guruji will address your worries and answer your inquiries. Now and then the reactions are baffling a result of the complexities of dialect! The appropriate responses are blunt and will enable you to confront the future with right mentality through Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi Astrology.